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Find a Family Law Attorney in Denver, CO

Some general information for you

Finding a family law attorney in Front Range and metro Denver, CO can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have the time to check the background of every potential attorney. MLRS was formed to provide those seeking attorneys a means of finding a reliable prescreened lawyer with the appropriate training, skills and experience to get the job done.

Family law, as you might expect, covers matters associated with “families,” i.e., marriage and divorce, parents and children. Lawyers normally don’t get involved in the “marriage” phase of partnership, unless the husband and/or wife desire a “prenuptial agreement.” These agreements can protect one or both spouses in the unlikely event of a divorce by outlining in advance how both parties agree that property will be divided, how spousal support will be configured and other matters. MLRS certainly has family law lawyers in Front Range and metro Denver, CO who can handle a prenuptial agreement for you.

Protecting yourself in a divorce 

When a family breaks up, it can be a traumatic experience for all involved. If one must make the difficult decision to separate or divorce, a good divorce attorney from MLRS will work hard to protect the rights of his or her clients located in Front Range and metro Denver, CO. In many cases, agreements can be negotiated which might eliminate the need for court appearances. These agreements may spell out the amount of spousal support, child support, parenting time and division of assets and debts depending on the needs of the case.

Your rights with respect to your children

Child support is determined by reference to a chart which bases the amount of support on the combined gross income of the parties. Adjustments are made for costs of health insurance, day care expenses, pre-existing child support or alimony obligations, extraordinary medical or educational expenses, and the amount of time the children are in each parent's physical custody. Child support, once set, can be raised or lowered in the future if the economic circumstances of the parties change for better or worse.

While Colorado courts no longer use the word custody, divorcing families need to come up with parenting plans that set forth a schedule of time for each parent to have time with their children. This includes deciding which parent the children will spend time with on holidays and when each parent can have vacation time with the children. Parents are expected to have joint decision responsibility for their children following a divorce but in some circumstances sole decision making may be awarded to one parent or the other.

Your property will be protected

In a divorce, your MLRS divorce lawyer in Denver, CO or in any of the other areas in our service area will help you retain those pieces of property that are meaningful to you, and to assert your rights to a proportion of what used to be owned jointly. Liabilities as well as assets will be considered. Other factors include the nature and extent of the property and whether it is marital property or separate property, the duration of the marriage and the economic circumstances for each spouse. If you and your spouse can agree, and if your agreement is reasonable, it will be approved by the Court. If you cannot agree, the Court will divide the property and debts in an equitable manner.

An attorney that you retain through MLRS will have the skills and sensitivity to put you - the client - first and assure that your wishes are known to the court. Your attorney will represent your feelings to the judge, assuring that the judge knows why you feel as you do and how important certain agreements are to you. 

Other areas of Family Law that we may help you with

MLRS can also help those seeking attorneys for father’s rights and grandparents’ rights.  We have attorneys who can help with the process of domestic adoption, when an agency in the U.S. is involved.  And we have a limited number of attorneys who can assist in an interstate custody conflict, where the parent is in Colorado and the child is in another state.

A consideration for you if finances are limited

Finally, there is something called “limited representation” or “unbundled legal services.”  Some MLRS attorneys have indicated that they will offer these services, when a client chooses not to have an attorney handle the entirety of a case, but wishes instead to receive assistance with certain aspects of their case such as filling out court forms or running a child support worksheet.  While these services may help those who feel they can’t afford to retain an attorney to do the “full bundle” of services - in a divorce, for example - MLRS would still recommend that consumers do what they can to accumulate sufficient funds to allow an attorney to do all of the necessary work on their case, to enhance their chances of success and avoid unnecessary mistakes that might land you back in court months later.